Six reasons you will love this Book

  • An international adventure

    Starting with the Mongolian Empire, this book picks up in modern day New York and spans the globe with the characters traveling to Europe to solve the mystery.

  • An exciting female protagonist

    Addison Landon is an investigative reporter and political analyst. Her childhood and recent romantic choices have given her a slight personality edge.

  • An interesting air of reality

    It seems that with every passing election, each party finds reason to hate the opposing candidates. So in this book, we turn them into actual villains.

  • The exitance of a DNA chain

    Most people do not realize that .5% of all living males have a trace of mongolian DNA. This fun fact will make you think before entering a voting booth.

  • A modern day whodunit

    There is a fine line between a conspiracy theory and an actual flesh and blood mystery. This book leaves you clues that will keep you guessing.

  • Well developed characters

    The cast of characters are well developed with each turn of the page keeping the reader engaged and interested in knowing a little more abour each one.

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This book is a fast and entertaining read that you will want to talk to your friends about.

  • A political plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • A mystery tied into the very DNA of powerful people.
  • Well developed characters on an international journey.
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A word about the Author

H.C. DeBoard is an accomplished entrepreneur, athlete, and public speaker. As an entrepreneur he has created multiple companies, two of which have been sold to existing public companies. He has worked periodically as an adjunct professor of Communication Studies for multiple colleges and universities around the United States since completing his Master's Degree from Marshall University in 2000. His thirteen years inside the Federal Government has provided a unique perspective for bureaucratic systems that he weaves into his books. He, his wife and two children are at home in Monument, Colorado while their two adult children are living on their own and finding their own path in life. "The Great Wall of Silence" is his first book, of which he plans to make it a three part series. Follow him at

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